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High-End Business Phones and Security Cameras in Stockton, California

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About our company

Since 1994 Spectrum Telecom Systems has been providing communications solutions for businesses in the Central Valley of California. Spectrum Telecom Systems team of employees have nearly 90 years of experience in the telecom industry. We sell, install and service NEC products a leading manufacturer of telecommunications products worldwide.

As an authorized dealer for NEC, NEC makes available to all of our staff the latest in training, ensuring our customers are receiving the finest service available. Training is key to our ability to customize a solution to meet the unique and individual needs of each of our customers. Due to an integral understanding of the equipment we offer, we have the skills necessary to think ‘outside the box’ and create unique solutions designed to streamline your operation.

security cameras Stockton CAWe have customers in a vast array of industries, like the following:

Business Offices Doctors Offices
Medical Facilities Clinics
Manufacturing Collections
Agriculture Shipping
Grocery Chains Equipment Rental
Education Housing
Real Estate Distribution Centers

Call us today for a consultation. 800-786-0188

We have a large customer base in many industries, with varied and unique needs. We learn about our customers business and create a solution, which will make them more productive.


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