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IP-Based Video Surveillance Systems in Fresno, CA

While it’s been more than 10 years since IP-based closed-circuit television was first introduced, it’s only recently that the global market has tipped from analogue video surveillance to IP (internet protocol) systems. So, if you have never considered this option (or do not have CCTV systems installed yet) then here are some of the advantages you get from IP-based video surveillance systems in Fresno, CA.

  • Image Quality
    A typical analogue camera offers about 0.4 megapixels (MP), while a standard IP offers 2 MP; newer models can offer up to 10 MP. Superior image quality is one of the things you should be after from a surveillance camera so that you can clearly see what is happening or what has been captured on tape and make evidence-based decisions that are more effective and efficient.


  • Flexibility and Scalability
    Your surveillance needs can grow as your business grows. With an IP-based system, your individual camera licensing can be scaled from one to tens, hundreds or thousands. It also offers a means for network video products and other applications to share one wired or wireless network for communicating data. In comparison, an analogue camera will require a dedicated coax-cable that runs directly from the camera to a recording or viewing station. So, imagine all the cabling to be done with hundreds of cameras or more.


  • Remote Accessibility
    With IP-based video surveillance systems in Fresno, CA, a user can log into a secure server remotely and access real-time video anytime. The video can also be stored at remote locations for security and convenience. All information can also be transported over the Internet, which makes distribution (say for instance an image of a crime suspect to the police) much easier.


  • Cost-Efficiency
    Obviously, with easier setup, lesser wiring (or no wiring at all), easier management, lesser required equipment, scalability and all, you get to minimize overall cost in the long run.

At Spectrum Telecom Systems, we offer you a range of services that will surely meet your needs to make business operations more manageable, thus increasing overall productivity. If you are in need of IP-based video surveillance systems, top-notch network cabling or high-end business phone systems in Fresno, CA, we got you covered. You can browse through our website for more of our services or give us a call for your questions.

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