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Business Phone Systems in Modesto, California

Regardless of the type of industry and the size of your business, effective communication is very essential – on and offline – enabling you to easily run daily operations and update customers, suppliers and distributors. It is for this reason why investing on updated business phone systems in Modesto, CA is a wise decision. And if you are considering Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Communications, Spectrum Telecom Systems is your trusted company.

What is VoIP?

As the name suggests, a VoIP allows one to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. How does it work? It converts your voice into a digital signal which travels through the Internet. This signal is then converted into a regular telephone signal before it reaches the recipient. Depending on your system, VoIP services allow you to make calls using a computer, a traditional phone connected to a special adapter or a VoIP phone.

Advantages of VoIP Systems

  • Easy and Quick Installation– IP phones are quite simple to set up without having to run phone wiring through your facility. All you will need is an IP phone; no need for installing VoIP hardware or software. Additionally, its system’s configuration is easy to add, move or change, and adding new users is hassle-free.
  • Scaling is not a Problem – Unlike a traditional telephone system, you can easily add a line for your new employee or reassign/remove it as an employee leaves. As your business grows, you will always have the right number of phone lines, as opposed to many unused phone lines scattered around the office.
  • Convenient and Cost-Efficient – With such advanced business phone systems in Modesto, CA, you get to enjoy a range of call features that make communication convenient and more effective. Aside from low-cost installation, it is also easy to maintain.
  • Another big plus is, calls themselves are much cheaper, which can save you a lot of money especially when your business entails international calls.

If you are ready to step your game up with your communications system, our company is happy to serve you. Spectrum Telecom Systems have been in the industry for nearly 90 years, providing high quality NEC products that are designed to streamline your operations. Additionally, we offer a range of services that include Voice Mail and Unified Messaging, Network Cabling, Voice and Data Cabling, and Video Surveillance Systems in Modesto, CA. Browse through our website for more details.

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    The Spectrum Telecom Systems team of employees have nearly 90 years of experience in the telecom industry. We sell, install and service NEC products a leading manufacturer of telecommunications products worldwide.