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Planning to Move an Office – Make Sure to Cover Your IT Needs

When you are moving your office, you are likely thinking about the daunting tasks which go along with moving heavy furniture and ensuring that all of your supplies and years of paperwork make it to your new location. What you are likely not thinking about it the fact that your computer network has to be relocated just like all of your other office furniture and equipment. Without proper planning, an office move can be a nightmare from an IT support perspective. Below we attempt to point out some of the IT challenged that go along with moving an office.

Help Determining What to Expect From Your Data Cabling Installer

When planning to move offices, one of the most important items to keep in mind is planning for the wiring infrastructure at your new facility. Typically you hire a wiring installer that will go to your new office and wire all of your areas so that your computers can be quickly hooked up and have network connectivity from the start. When choosing a vendor, make sure that your find a vendor that will do the proper research before starting on your job. It is important to go over your current networking needs as well as any future needs that may be worth discussing during your move. The last thing that you want to do is have to redo hundreds of feet of cabling due to infrastructure that you were not aware of when you had the initial cabling installation completed.